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Gideon's Daughter (2-disc) (DVD) Gideon's Daughter (2-disc)

Udgivet 27. februar 2006 af BBC Video BBCDVD1775 / UPC# 5014503177522

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Medierådets aldersgrænse. BBC - 2005
England - Farve - 105 min
Filmens specifikationer
Original titel: Gideon's Daughter
Instruktør: Stephen Poliakoff
Gideon Warner  Bill Nighy
Stella  Miranda Richardson
Natasha Warner  Emily Blunt
William Sneath  Robert Lindsay
Barbara  Ronni Ancona
Andrew  Tom Hardy
Dent  Tom Goodman-Hill
Diane  Joanna Page
Bill  David Westhead
Becca  Samantha Whittaker
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Stikord: TV-film
Far/datter forhold
Politik / Politisk
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Same Cast
DVD-pladens specifikationer
TV-system:  PAL DVD-pladen har regionalkoden 2.Region:
Oprindelse:  England
Ja Anamorphic (16:9) Trailer
Production Notes Music video
Ja Documentary Music score
Ja Commentary Fact track
Ja Interviews Gallery
Multi-angles Cast & Crew
Hidden Features Outtakes
DVD-Rom features Deleted scenes
Antal plader: 2Denne udgivelse indeholder 2 plade(r).
Billedformat Lydformat Sprog Tekster
DD 5.1
Aspect Ratio Kassette Pladetype Faste tekster
1,77 : 1 Keep Case DVD9 Ingen


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Gideon's Daughter

Robert Lindsay's character Sneath from Stephen Poliakoff's Friends and Crocodiles reappears to narrate a powerful story of success, loss and redemption.

"Here is a man who can't listen, and yet the more he doesn't listen, the more people want him, the more people believe in him. He's the toast of Whitehall, the flavour of flavours."

As the century draws to a close, a new Labour Government comes to power, and the death of Princess Diana heralds a summer of flowers. PR guru Gideon Warner finds himself in perfect step with the times and success seems easy as politicians, businessmen and starlets beat a path to his door.
     But just as he reaches the pinnacle of his career, Gideon finds his life spinning out of control. When he should be organising the nation's Millennium celebrations, he is focusing on diffusing the implacable anger of his daughter. And, rather than shaping the business ambitions of an Italian media tycoon, his time is spent falling in love with the eccentric Stella - a mother grieving for her dead son.

Acclaimed writer and director Stephen Poliakoff imparts an incredible tenderness matched with a hard-hitting candour to this moving story. The sister film to Friends and Crocodiles, it completes a brilliant panorama of the final decades of the last century.
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