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Victory at Sea: All 26 episodes (incl. CD) (6-disc) (DVD) Victory at Sea: All 26 episodes (incl. CD) (6-disc)

Udgivet 24. juni 2013 af Go Entertainment GRDA4196 / UPC# 5055298041964

Victory at Sea: All 26 episodes (incl. CD) (6-disc) (DVD) - Klik her for at se billedet i stor størrelse.
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Medierådets aldersgrænse. NBC - 1952-1953
USA - Sort/Hvid - 684 min
Filmens specifikationer
Original titel: Victory at Sea
Dansk titel: Blodigt hav
Instruktør: M. Clay Adams
  Isaac Kleinerman
Narrator   Leonard Graves
Himself  Winston Churchill
Himself  Charles De Gaulle
Himself  Louis Mountbatten
Himself  Hermann Göring
Himself   Joseph Stalin
Music by...  Richard Rodgers
Stikord: 2. Verdenskrig
Pearl Harbor
Bomber og eksplosioner
Skib / båd
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Same Cast
DVD-pladens specifikationer
TV-system:  PAL DVD-pladen har regionalkoden 0.Region:
Oprindelse:  England
Anamorphic (16:9) Trailer
Production Notes Music video
Documentary Ja Music score
Commentary Fact track
Interviews Gallery
Multi-angles Cast & Crew
Hidden Features Outtakes
DVD-Rom features Deleted scenes
Antal plader: 6Denne udgivelse indeholder 6 plade(r).
Billedformat Lydformat Sprog Tekster
Standard Academy
DD 1.0
Aspect Ratio Kassette Pladetype Faste tekster
1,34 : 1 Box Set DVD9 Ingen


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Victory at Sea

A 26-episode World War II documentary from the American perspective, Victory at Sea is one of the most important series in the history of television. Made in 1952, the show was a huge success, winning many major awards and even spawning albums featuring the orchestral score by Richard Rodgers (South Pacific, The Sound of Music).
     Produced with the full cooperation of the US Navy, each 26-minute programme consists of black and white wartime film edited to a narration by Leonard Graves.
     Each episode contains at least one powerful stand-alone sequence in the tradition of Sergei Eisenstein, these action-suspense set-pieces giving the programmes an urgent, surprisingly modern feel. The emphasis throughout is at least as much on entertainment as information, the factual content delivered in poetic narration, the score transforming the war into a more than usually serious Hollywood adventure.
     The documentaries are wide-ranging, covering parts of the land war and including everything from the Atlantic convoys and Uboat Wolfpacks, to war in Alaska, the South Atlantic, the Far East, the Pacific War and the Fall of Japan.
     The narration offers a fascinating insight into how America saw WWII in the early 1950s, while the dynamic cutting and often genuinely remarkable wartime footage make Victory at Sea still gripping today.

  1. Design for War
  2. The Pacific Boils Over
  3. Sealing the Breach
  4. Midway is East
  5. Mediterranean Mosaic
  6. Guadalcanal
  7. Ring Around Rabaul
  8. Mare Nostrum
  9. Sea & Sand
  10. Beneath the Southern Cross
  11. Magnetic North
  12. The Conquest of Micronesia
  13. Melenasian Nightmare
  14. Roman Renaissance
  15. D-Day, June 6, 1944
  16. Killers & the Killed
  17. The Turkey Shoot
  18. Two if by Sea
  19. Battle of Leyte Gulf
  20. Return of the Allies
  21. Full Fathom Five
  22. The Fate of Europe
  23. Target Suribachi
  24. The Road to Mandalay
  25. Suicide for Glory
  26. Design for Peace

Specielt om denne udgivelse:

Remastered with the original Richard Rodgers soundtrack never before released on DVD. Includes a bonus CD with the full soundtrack.

CD tracklist:
  1. The Song of The High Seas
  2. The Pacific Boils Over
  3. Guadalcanal March
  4. D-Day
  5. Hard Work and Horseplay
  6. Theme of the Fast Carriers
  7. Beneath the Southern Cross
  8. Mare Nostrum
  9. Victory at Sea
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