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Danish Documentary: Love Addict  (DVD) Danish Documentary: Love Addict

Udgivet 27. marts 2012 af Danish Documentary 5706876681255 / UPC# 5706876681255

Danish Documentary: Love Addict  (DVD) - Klik her for at se billedet i stor størrelse.
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Medierådets aldersgrænse. Danish Documentary - 2011
Danmark - Farve - 82 min
Filmens specifikationer
Original titel: Love Addict
Instruktør: Pernille Rose Grønkjær
Producer...  Sigrid Dyekjær
Stikord: Danish Documentary
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Same Cast
DVD-pladens specifikationer
TV-system:  PAL DVD-pladen har regionalkoden 2.Region:
Oprindelse:  Danmark
Ja Anamorphic (16:9) Trailer
Production Notes Music video
Documentary Music score
Commentary Fact track
Ja Interviews Gallery
Multi-angles Cast & Crew
Hidden Features Outtakes
DVD-Rom features Deleted scenes
Antal plader: 1Denne udgivelse indeholder 1 plade(r).
Billedformat Lydformat Sprog Tekster
DD 5.1
Aspect Ratio Kassette Pladetype Faste tekster
1,77 : 1 Keep Case DVD5 Ingen


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Antal stemmer: 1

Gennemsnit: 3.0 ud af 10

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This is not a love story.

What haven't we done in the name of love? Throughout history we have fought, conquered, killed and been killed in the name of love. We've written songs, poems and books in an attempt to capture this ultimate feeling.

What if this love takes over your life? When every decision, every thought and every single second solely depends on another person's actions? And what if this love is just a figment of your imagination?

According to a recent article in Psychology Today the top 7 hardest addictions to quit are, in descending order; cocaine, alcohol, valium, heroine, cigarettes and potato chips. At number 1, the hardest addiction to quit is love, the addiction to love.

As a love addict, being charged by love is an absolute necessity for daily survival like liquor for the alcoholic and drugs for the junkie. As with all addictions, love addiction involves issues of increasing tolerance and withdrawal symptoms, and an intangible feeling that something central is missing from existence without it. Those afflicted with love addiction are constantly seeking the blast of 'feel good' brain chemicals associated with falling in love the amazing time when you are truly love-struck and can think of little else. The love addict does anything to achieve this fix, even if it means building a fantasy around the person they are addicted to, creating an illusion of what the love could be and ignoring how the relationship really is unfolding.

A love addict is trapped in a vicious circle – a repeated pattern from fix to fix, from one partner to the next. If the 'fix' doesn't happen in this relationship, the search is immediately on to find a new one that will unleash the rush of pleasure again. A love addict is never really able to attain a real connection with another person as the fix has greater value. The search for love therefore ends up a very lonely process and a quest destined to fail.

A love addict must overcome a chronic preoccupation with romance, intrigue and fantasy. A wealth of knowledge, shared experience and therapeutic treatment is widely available to heal and recover from the disorder. The first step is to admit you might have a problem.

Tekst fra pressemateriale

Specielt om denne udgivelse:

  • Audio: Engelsk DD5.1
  • Undertekster: Engelsk, dansk, tysk, fransk, spansk, portugisisk
Special features:
  • Interviews with leading therapists and authors who share their wisdom and guidance on love addiction: PIA MELLODY, senior clinical advisor, The Meadows, author of Facing Love Addiction; SUSAN PEABODY, co-founder Love Addicts Anonymous, author of Addiction to Love; TONY STIKER, a psychotherapist in New York; JILL VERMEIRE, lead clinical therapist on "Celebrity Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew" on VH-1; DR. HOWARD C. SAMUELS, a leading drug and alcohol addiction expert; ALEX KATEHAKIS, author of Erotic Intelligence: Igniting Hot Healthy Sex While in Recovery from Sex Addiction, and founder and clinical director of the Center for ealthy Sex; WENDY MERRIL, the author of Falling Into Manholes, The Memoir of a Bad/Good Girl; RACHEL RESNICK, author of Go West Young F*cked-Up Chick and Love Junkie.
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